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It is no secret that more and more bettors now prefer to bet via smartphones and tablets. Players from Sri Lanka are not much different from users from other countries in this respect. However, they should be prepared for the fact that the Betss app is missing. The brand is a bit different from the other betting companies in this market segment in this respect.

The lack of a mobile application only seems strange at first glance. In reality, the impossibility of a free program download does not mean that customers can not work from a smartphone. They just have to use not Betss mobile app, but an optimized version of the official website. It works for more than one year and does not cause any complaints.

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Is it worth waiting for the availability of the Betss app?

Clients of this bookie don’t need to search for the latest version of the program. It is also not worth wasting time downloading it. There would surely have been users who could not perform the Betss app download. However, now there is no need for it, because an optimized version of the official website is available.

Since Betss Sri Lanka started operating relatively recently, it cannot be ruled out that programs for Android and iOS will appear in the future. Information about this can always be found on the official website of the bookmaker. If it will have an online betting app, you will certainly find out about it. You can also get professional advice from customer service representatives. It is easy to contact its employees by calling the number listed on the website.

You can ask the employees of the bookie about the Betss app and the various parameters of certain operations. Consultations are free of charge and are provided as quickly as possible.

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Why is the mobile version a real alternative to the Betss app?

Betss app Sri Lanka

It is very easy to launch the mobile website version. It’s enough to open the browser installed on your device and enter the name of the brand in the search bar. Then follow the first link, and an optimized version will open in front of you. You do not have to perform the Betss download of anything, in order to work through it.

The mobile version has several advantages. For example:

  1. It is easy to launch via Android or iOS mobile devices. It doesn’t matter at all what operating system your device has. You can just launch the site and just start working, rather than having to keep your operating system and its specifics in mind.
  2. Traffic consumption is minimal. If you have a low internet connection speed, be sure to use Mobile Betss. It will load quickly, and you will be able to get acquainted with all the offers of this bookmaker.
  3. It is possible to use an alternative option from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable Internet connection. If there are no problems with this, then launch it, and all the trumps of the bookmaker will be at your fingertips.

Naturally, the absence of the Betss app does not seem critical, given these advantages. Do not also forget about the possibility to play through the desktop version of the official site. It has a stylish and understandable design. It will not be difficult for users to navigate on the platform and to switch between sections.

As for the Windows app, there is also no such a development. However, the need for it is minimal. It is enough to launch the full version of the official website, in order to play without any restrictions. Therefore, the absence of a desktop app is unlikely to upset anyone.

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Why choose to play through Betss mobile version of the site

Nowadays, more and more users prefer to play from a smartphone or tablet. There is nothing surprising in this, because devices are always at hand. It is easy to keep track of all the bookmaker’s offers and react quickly to the changes with their help. This is the key to profitable betting.

It is possible to conduct all operations without the need for Betss app download. That’s why most of the clients of this LK company are not worried about the absence of the program. This does not affect the usability and capabilities of the players.

The popularity of the mobile version of the official site can be explained not only by the freedom it gives to users, but also by other advantages. For example these are:

  1. A high-quality and stylish interface. It is easy to navigate, switch between sections, and find the necessary events even in its old version. All of them are well sorted, so it will be enough to make 1-2 clicks, and the relevant data will be as if in the palm of your hand.
  2. The possibility to conduct a variety of transactions. It is easy not only to place bets, but also to monitor live bets, make deposits and withdraw winnings through Betss mobile. In fact, users from Sri Lanka will be able to perform the same set of operations on the optimized site as on the version for PC. This will make it possible to play through a handy device without any problems.
  3. Stability of functioning. The work of the optimized site will not affect the functioning of your device in any way.

Betss mobile

Since there is no need for Betss apk download, there is no necessity to clog the memory of the device. This is a very important advantage, especially for those users who don’t have the most modern phones. You will be able to save space on them, and their functioning will remain stable, uninterrupted. You can focus specifically on betting and convert your knowledge into real winnings thanks to this. There will definitely be no problems with their withdrawal.

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There is even no need to download anything, in order to play at Betss through a mobile phone

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter which device you use to play. For example, you can use your iPhone, and this will allow you to enjoy fast and convenient betting at this bookmaker. Yes, the Betss iOS program is missing, but you can use the optimized version of the site and always keep track of the bookmaker’s offers.

You can always watch the matches live and react quickly to the changes that occur in sports arenas, when working through a mobile device. This is the key to making a profit.

The popularity of this platform among players from Sri Lanka is understandable. The bookmaker has created optimal conditions for predictions, which is expressed in many different factors. For example:

  1. High-quality coverage of sporting events. The line presents about a dozen kinds of sports. Moreover, it covers really popular disciplines such as tennis, boxing, cricket, soccer, horse racing, basketball and Formula 1. Every registered user can earn money by what they like. Open the new version of the site and all the bookmaker’s offers will be as if at your fingertips.
  2. Well-thought-out live section. Yes, there is no a Betss Android program, but you can comfortably follow the competitions, which take place live through Betss mobile version. React promptly to all the changes, and this will be the key to winning big. The experience of other customers proves that there is nothing difficult about it.
  3. High odds. This company has set a minimum margin figure. In reality, this means that there is no need to overpay for the bookmaker’s services. That is why you will always be able to count on decent rewards. This applies to both live and pre-match predictions.

Thus, there will definitely be no difficulties in playing via smartphone, despite the fact that it is not possible to perform the Betss download of a program for Android or iOS. It is easy to make sure of this from your own experience. If the game-play will cause you any difficulties, please contact the support representatives. They are ready to provide professional advice at any time of the day or night.Install 1xBet App

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